TOTeM Team:

Chris Speed: Principal Investigator, Edinburgh College of Art.

Angelina Karpovich: Co-Investigator, Brunel University.

Andrew Hudson-Smith: Co-Investigator, University College London.

Simone O’Callaghan: Co-Investigator and RA, The University of Dundee.

Jon Rogers: Co-Investigator, The University of Dundee.

Maria Burke: Co-Investigator, The University of Salford.

Jane Macdonald: Project Coordinator, Edinburgh College of Art.

Kerstin Leder: Research Fellow, Brunel University.

Mike Quigley: Research Fellow, The University of Salford.

Martin de Jode: Research Associate, University College London.

Ralph Barthel: Research Associate, University College London.

Ben Blundell: Research Associate, University College London.

Arthi Monahar: PhD Studentship, The University of Dundee.

Duncan Shingleton: PhD Studentship, Edinburgh College of Art.

Professional Advisors to the Project:

Dr David Frohlich: Director of Digital World Research Centre, Univeristy of Surrey.

Richard Banks: Principal Interaction Design, Microsoft Research.

Richard Hull: Director, Calvium.

Dr Constance Fleuriot: Director, Featherhouse Collective.

Peter Matthewson: Technology Brokering and Partnership Manager, BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies Limited.

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