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29/2/12 Shelflife on BBC North West News 1pm and 6.30pm

29/2/12 on BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire

28/2/12 Creativity On-Line, Explore the backstory with QR codes

28/2/12 The Drum, Oxfam app recounts ‘digital life stories’ of charity items by John Glenday

28/2/12 Bourne Local, Oxfam app reveals history of items

28/2/12 Grantham Journal, Oxfam app reveals history of items

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27/2/12 BBC technology, Oxfam’s Shelflife links goods with past using QR Codes

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27/2/12 The Next Web, Oxfam’s new app brings charity store items to life by telling their ‘digital life stories’ by Martin Bryant

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14/9/11, BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight featuring Andy Hudson-Smith (34mins in)

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14/4/11, Guardian on-line, Museum collection gets QR codes by Michael MacLeod

14/4/11 Terence Eden has a Blog, QR Codes in Museums

8/4/11, Culture24Barcodes let visitors scan and label star items via phones at the National Museum of Scotland

8/4/11, The Scotsman, Museum barcode that unlocks rare record of Scotland’s past by Brian Ferguson,

8/4/11, Evening News, Museum to offer more

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