Object Stories

We have now moved beyond merely having a tab on here for object stories as we launched our website www.talesofthings.com in April 2010 where you can find a host of interesting memories from all over the world. But listed below are our first attempts at adding memories to our own objects which we did late in 2009. This was done to enable us to fully undertsand the process of selecting and talking about an object which is special to us and based on the feedback of some feeling intimidated by just using video we now also welcome text and audio based stories to the website.

From the TOTeM Team:

Angelina’s Tale:

Andy’s Tale:

Chris’ Tale:

Clare’s Tale:

Duncan’s Tale:

Jane’s Tale:

Maria’s Tale:

Our great Advisors also offered to share their stories with us:

Alex Ogilvie:

Heidi Lovelock:

Peter Matthewson:

Richard Hull:

One Response to Object Stories

  1. n says:

    interesting storytelling
    next step could be embedded video history
    of the object activated from its QR label

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