Tales of War Time Things tonight!

Tonight sees the screening of tales from Hillingdon residents relating to their experiences of World War II, the films and objects will be on display on the 20th October at 7.30pm Uxbridge Library.

Tales include one residents escape from Prisoner of War camps and the importance of delivering milk during the war. Yvonne Stagg was a 16-year-old junior clerk at Express Dairy and her tale recounts employees’ tireless efforts to deliver milk to Londoners, throughout the war and against all odds:

‘Whatever happened – bombs, air raids, et cetera – we carried on. It was quite an adventure really. (…) They supplied cantines, they even went down to the Underground stations, took milk down. They delivered it to the houses that had been bombed. People hadn’t got windows or doors sometimes, but they had their milk.’

In addition to the wartime tales, the screening will also showcase local residents’ tales about other meaningful items in their lives (available via the ‘Tales of Hillingdon’ group on http://www.talesofthings.com/).

Stories include a tale from Hillingdon resident and former ‘Eastender’, Lyndam Gregory, who came into the library to tell TOTeM about his very first oil painting. His work, which he calls ‘Our Home’, was inspired by an iconic photo taken by the astronaut William Anders on the Apollo 8 mission. Lyndam explains:

‘This first manned journey to orbit the moon in December 1968 was reckoned to be the most dangerous space-flight ever. My childhood memory of ‘Earth Rise’ and the excitement of the Apollo space programme became the basis for my painting.’ http://www.talesofthings.com/totem/totem_view/675/

  • The screening takes place at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 20th October 2010, at Uxbridge Library, 14-15 High Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1HD. (01895) 250600 
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