Estate Agents using QR Codes

Down here at the University of Salford we have worked with a local estate agent where we have applied the QR codes to house details and general information. The trial was very successful and customers seemed to like this convenient way of quickly finding “more details” on a property.

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4 Responses to Estate Agents using QR Codes

  1. Carder says:

    At you can convert a URL to a QR code and add it to a businesscard.

  2. Gus Tomlinson says:

    Hi, I was just wondering how this works? are you managing the codes for the estate agents?

    Thank You


  3. Jane says:

    Hello Gus,
    Yes we are managing the QR codes through the talesofthings website, so we simply enter the property information on the website and then generate a QR code. The code was then put onto the property details panel in the shop window and also in local newspapers.

  4. Gus Tomlinson says:

    Thats really cool,

    Is it still being used by gascoigne hallam? I have had a go and its really good. When i create my codes can i upload more than one picture?

    Thanks :-)

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